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    Sign up for free and see all of the services we offer Text-To-Text Translation. At Lets Chat Global, we provide text-to-text translation services. We can translate documents into over 200 languages, and have expertise in a broad range of industries including automotive, banking, finance, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, retail, technology, and travel. Access the full gamut of our services 24/7, with flexible turnaround times that work for you and your deadlines. No hidden fees, no surprises. We offer great prices across all of our services.

    We know that translation is not an easy task. With Lets Chat Global, you don't have to worry about grammar or structure. Our language translators make sure that all translations are of the highest quality.  We strive to capture the tone and essence of the original work while preserving the message. Unlike automated translation, we believe that it is the human element of translation that ensures a better outcome in services.

    At Lets Chat Global, we can translate documents online and texts into any file format. Supported file formats for translation of documents and text: Pdf (.pdf), Excel (.xlsx/.xls), Text File (.txt), Microsoft Word (.docx), Google Word (.doc)